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Charging Structure

We wish to be as open as possible about our charges and so will inform you of our fee structure during our initial meeting, once we have ascertained your requirements.

There are options on how you can pay for our services, but we do not begin any work without you being aware of any charges we will make.

We charge a fee for our advice, which will vary depending on the complexity of the work undertaken or the nature of the service we are providing. A charge will be made for the processing of your initial request, however, there is no charge for our initial consultation.

We will offer and provide (where appropriate) ongoing services to clients under one of three ongoing service propositions. These are based initially upon an assessment of the size and complexity of the client's your investable assets that will form part of the plan that we are advising upon.

Each of these is designed to meet with the required amount of time and effort needed to assist the client you in having the best opportunity to meet the goals set out in the plan.

These ongoing services are not required by all clients and will not be offered to clients where they would be incurring unnecessary costs. These ongoing services will only be offered to clients who have a clear need for regular contact in the management of the plan. No adviser will be expected to engage a client on an ongoing service if it is not in the client’s best interest to do so.

For more information about services please see our 'About our Services & Fees' document by clicking here.

Contact Gilbert Wealth Limited

Please call 0115 7843242  or email enquiries@gilbertwealth.co.uk to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you soon as we can. Your information given on our contact form will not be used for marketing purposes.